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I feel great after my treatment!

Your First Nail Care Treatment

Your Foot Care Specialist will firstly take a quick medical history and then check the blood supply and pulses in your lower legs and feet using a doppler machine. 


Any treatment that you need will be carried out.  This will include: Corn Removal, Hard Skin Removal, Calous Reduction, Ingrown Toe Nail Treatment, Nail Trimming and Nail Reduction.


You will be offered any nail care and foot care advice that you may need. 


A recommendation will made for any treatments or medication that may be required to treat the conditions that may be affecting you.




What Happens during a Treatment Session?

How Often Should I have a Nail CareTreatment? 



It is recommended that you visit your Foot Health Professional at least once every Six to Eight Weeks.  The reasons for this is so that your foot and nail health will improve as time progresses and to ensure that any new conditions are identified and treated as soon as possible.


We suggest that you make your second appointment to be at the Seven Weeks point; this will allow you know whether you need to be attending at earlier or later intervals. 




What about an Appointment for Foot Pain, Heel Pain or Something Else Wrong with my Feet?



Your appointment will last for about 30 minutes.  You should bring with you the pair of shoes you wear most often.  Your Health Care Professional will take a quick medical history and check your blood supply and pulses in your lower legs and feet using a Doppler machine.   A full assessment of your condition will be carried out.  If you need to have a pair of insoles prescribed to relieve your condition; your Health Care Professional will make a template and design the insoles that will be made individually for you in our workshop.   Your insoles will usually be ready for you within three weeks (generally sooner).  You will get a phone call to let you know when you can collect them.